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​Connecting B2B and B2C Travel Companies to Their Ideal Customers with Content Marketing and Sales Funnels

Connect with more customers who need and want your product. Whether you sell software for hotels or the pe​rfect hotel for a vacation, you can increase sales and create long-term relationships with visitors to your site.​

​Marketing to the travel industry carries unique needs. Check out the ​blog to reach your ideal buyers!

​Connect with the travel companies you can help with your technology solution. Tell your story, education your audience and scale your business.

​Reach eager trave​​​​​lers who are interested in your travel product. Create repeat customers in the travel industry.​

I Haven't Been Everywhere, But It's On My List

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What People Are Saying

​Brandi Mackenberg

​Graphic Designer

​"All of the work Kimberly has done for me has been timely, accurate, and well received.She is professional, responsive, and has a great attitude."

​Victoria Hernandez

Office of International Admissions, Georgia Southern University

​​ Kimberly’s expertise has been invaluable in helping me develop a successful social media strategy. Her explanation of new trends, marketing concepts, and social media platforms made navigating the complicated waters of social media simple. In addition, Kimberly has tailored her advice to fit the specific needs of my institution and our focus."

​Jesse Moskel

​Coach, Consultant and Copywriter

We've been collaborating on copywriting projects and marketing consulting. Kimberly has proven to be incredibly reliable, client focused, and high-performer in every regard."

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Increase Sales and Engagement with a Lead Generation Marketing Strategy

​The travel and hospitality industry is complex. Usually, there's a long time between a visitor first landing on your site to the point where they're ready to buy.

You need a marketing strategist and copywriter who understands the unique challenges in the industry. Someone who knows that regular "buyer personas" and segmentation are different for retail than for buyers in the travel industry.

Wouldn't it be great to work with a writer who understands these challenges, and understands marketing strategy, social media and sales funnels? 

Hi, my name is Kimberly Weitkamp, owner of Travel Industry Copy.

Unlike most copywriters, I have 8 years’ experience in traveling the world and working in various travel-centric jobs around the world. I'll help you connect with travel companies using my understanding of the unique needs of hospitality and tourism-based industries. You'll appeal to those who work in these industries and the customers they serve with the copy we create together.

We'll create compelling content as part of a complete strategy for your company. You receive on-time, unique content to inform and connect with your audience.

​Ready to increase conversions on your website, generate more warm leads or increase sales? See if you qualify for a FREE 20-minute marketing strategy session when you choose a time that works for you. 

I only offer a few of these a week. Choose your session time before they fill up!

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