It’s April, which means two things. Taxes are due and the first quarter has just ended. Did your company do as well as you hoped? Did you achieve all of your SMART goals?

It can be difficult to keep up with the fast pace of the digital marketing world. The constant new trends and channels for client attraction and outreach are overwhelming. 

Once you’ve decided to try a new channel, i can seem like there isn’t time to truly dig deep into strategy. You start implementing whatever seems to work in the moment. Of course, that doesn't always work and something needs to be changed. But it may be hard to notice a need for change.

A new quarter is the perfect time to give your business a checkup with a content marketing audit. A few small changes can improve your ROI, help you reach more customers and increase sales. What should be included in your content marketing audit?

Social Media

Your social media is a valuable tool for generating leads and for inbound marketing. But, only if you check in on it and actively use it. Go through all of your most recent posts, and look at the metrics. Ignore all the vanity metrics to start, such as 'likes' and retweets. 

Instead, focus on clicks. How much of your content were people interested in enough to read more?

After you've tracked clicks, go back and look at retweets and shares.

  • Who shared your content?
  • Are they a potential buyer?
  • Did a share or retweet result in more clicks?

Compare those that get shared with those that get clicked. What is different and the same that you can combine to get more traction?


Your blog is a powerful SEO driver, content provider and thought leadership tool. Are you taking advantage of all of the traffic? What systems do you have in place to convert the people who read your blog? Can you track how people reach your blog? Where do readers come from?

When you answer these questions, you can turn more of your blog readers into interested buyers.


Video is set to dominate the Internet. But like all powerful channels and mediums, it needs to work for your product to be valuable. When considering video don’t forget to include:

  • Calls to action
  • The name of your company
  • The name of your product

Any video you make also needs to give value. What topics get the most traffic? How are you promoting your video?

There are many moving parts to successful marketing, especially when it comes to content marketing. It can be hard to see which areas need help unless you look at all of them. Start with these simple questions and discover a few areas to improve quickly.

Are you ready to start improving your outreach campaigns with a few small tweaks? Snag a free strategy call where I'll share three tweaks you can make to your site today to improve engagement. I only do a few of these a month, so be sure to sign up today.

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