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When to Conduct a Guest Survey

Conduct guest survey

​As an accommodation provider, travelers choose your property over others for a reason. Some travelers are strictly interested in price. Are you offering the cheapest rate at the time they’re traveling? Then they’ll probably book with you, or your competitor, no matter what special amenities your hotel offers.Others are looking for character in a place. […]

Step-by-Step Guide for Social Media Contests for Hotels

​Social media is meant to be a conversation. It’s not only between you and your guests; it’s also between your guests and all their friends. A social media contest is a great way to raise awareness of your property and start a conversation with current, past or future guests.If your property has a modest following, […]

Top 3 Uses of Social Media for Hotels

​Social media for hotels should be a conversation between your hotel and your past, current and future guests. Many companies make the mistake of using social media as one-way communication. Instead, you want to use social media for two-way interaction with your guests. Consider these choices for a better social media and hotel experience.Promote the […]

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