Increase Views-Share Your Blog to Social Media

increase vews on blog

Are you reaching all the readers you could? You’re just starting out with your blog. You give valuable information. It’s different from your competitors. Instead of talking about yourself, you talk to your customers. You know what their worries are and your posts address them. However, you’re still not getting the readers you want. You’re […]

3 Things for B2B Marketers to Know about Facebook’s Audience Optimization

reach people in a group

Last week, Facebook unveiled an upgrade to their organic search algorithm. Known as Audience Optimization, it’s meant to improve the organic reach and engagement of your posts. But do you know how to use Facebook’s Audience Optimization. Before, it was difficult to tell if posts were reaching your audience’s News Feed. At any one time, […]

Improve your B2B Company’s Reach to the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality companies always look for new and better ways to provide for their guests. Your company needs to stand out among the many offering solutions. To do this, prove your expertise and interact regularly with your prospects. Here are three quick tips to get noticed by hospitality companies. 1. Create Adaptable Messages According to The […]

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