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How to Create Customer Advocates

This month we’ve been talking about building positive long-term relationships with your customers. We talked about the importance of welcoming new prospects into your email list. You’ve discovered the power of approaching lead nurturing like a series of coffee dates. You’ve reconnected with dormant leads. But, there’s an overlooked segment of your email list. This […]

Provide Great Customer Service through Lead Nurturing

This month is all about maintaining great relationships. You know a welcome sequence can be used to further interest someone without being pushy. After you’ve introduced your company and what you do, what if they aren’t ready for a sale? Your prospective customer has raised their hand and said, “I’m interested.” After they download that […]

Improve your B2B Company’s Reach to the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality companies always look for new and better ways to provide for their guests. Your company needs to stand out among the many offering solutions. To do this, prove your expertise and interact regularly with your prospects. Here are three quick tips to get noticed by hospitality companies. 1. Create Adaptable Messages According to The […]