Internet marketing has many moving parts. Each piece of marketing material is designed to reach your prospect at a certain stage in the buying journey.  We’ll work together to create material that promotes your company.

Marketing projects I can help with include:

Content Strategy

The first step to using content marketing effectively is to create a content strategy. This is a detailed document that describes what content types your company will be using, how they are connected, what topics to cover in your content marketing, and how your content pieces will be shared and promoted.

If you already have a step-by-step guide on what you want to do with your content marketing, I can create a single piece of content for your needs.

Case Studies

Social proof is very important for prospects. They want to know how your company can help them. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate how your product will help is to share your success stories. I use a specially crafted list of 14 questions to quickly learn about your customer’s business and concerns before they used your product. I translate their words into an informative and compelling story for others.

Email Services

Email is one of the simplest and cheapest methods to promote and grow a list of prospects and customers. This can be everything from a dedicated email campaign for the launch of a product to a series of autoresponders to keep in touch with your prospects during the buying cycle. We’ll work together to create new email campaigns or to update old campaigns for your current needs.


E-newsletters keep your company front-of-mind to your prospects. They demonstrate your expertise in your field. E-newsletters remind your prospects of the value your company can provide during a long buying cycle.

I will contribute to an ongoing e-newsletter, or help you start one.

Social Media

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers use social media content. But are you using yours effectively?

I’ll help you develop a complete social media strategy. This will cover what channels to use, how to create content, how often you’ll post, how you’ll interact on those networks, and methods to test your ROI. Whether you need to establish a presence on social media or want to improve your presence on social media, I can help.

Other copy projects I can help with include:

  • Web Page Copy
  • Blog Post
  • Landing Pages

Feel free to contact me about one of the services above, or to discuss your own unique content marketing needs.