Improve Warm Lead Generation By Up To 67% per Month

If you want to…

  • Portray yourself as a thought leader
  • Help future customers before they even know your name
  • Improve your warm lead generation by up to 67% per month
  • Improve your SEO and get found faster in search results without ever touching your static pages

It’s time to start or renew the blog on your website.​

Blogging is a simple method to show your expertise. It sparks conversations and improves your presence on social media. Without your own content to share, you’re only directing traffic to other people’s websites.

With your own blog you can:

  • Show your company’s value and message to future buyers
  • Direct regular traffic to your website
  • Highlight your achievements and that of your staff

A single post can capture valuable traffic and interested buyers days… weeks… months… or even years after publishing a post.

According to HubSpot, an evergreen blog post [content that is always relevant] can gain 3.4x more visitors 22 months after it was published than a non-evergreen post. 

​You’ll get more than an order taker for your blog. When you work with me, you get a seasoned veteran who has been blogging for over six years.

We’ll devise a strategy for you, not just create content to say you have it.

You’ll get targeted advice on:

  • Topics to cover…
  • Best methods for posting schedules…
  • Potential funnels to incorporate your blog in…

Plus, a blogging expert who can contribute to image ideas, layout, and publish schedules. ​

You don’t want someone who only delivers a simple article that repeats everything you’ve seen before. You’ll receive powerful posts targeted at your ideal audience. Thorough research and interviews will round out posts that convey your values, your message, your tone and your information.

​Ready to start to capture more warm leads and drive more traffic to your site? ​Grab a FREE 20-minute, mini-blog consultation. I'll share 3 things you can do now to improve your existing blog. I only do a few of these a month, so grab your spot today.

Increase Lead Generation with Your Blog

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