Social media is not something you can ignore anymore. It’s an important part of your funnel and marketing strategy. You shouldn’t just jump into the deep end on social media and immediately start posting to several channels at once.

When deciding on a social media channel, you need to research your audience. You may find your best channel to start with is Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The Right Approach

Suzie Thompson, VP of Marketing at Red Carnation Hotels said something in a recent article that really caught my mind, “Marketing is a mindset.”

As the world of digital marketing continues to change and redefine itself, this phrase has never been truer.

All forms of marketing from content marketing to email marketing to direct response marketing are more than just a means to an end. If you want your digital marketing to work, it all needs to work together. Yous social media mindset needs to help your audience and figuring out how to best put information in their hands.

Social media is another form of marketing, but it’s also a form of direct communication. Some marketing can be personalized, but no other form allows you to speak direct to a single customer in a back and forth.

A Little More Conversation

Many companies approach social media as just another marketing channel. In order to thrive on social media, you need to know what interests your customers.

  • What do they want to talk about?
  • What solutions are they looking for?
  • How do they spend their time?

You can’t forget your reason for being on social media.

Patience is a Virtue

No matter what kind of product you sell, your results on social media for the most part are not immediate.

Your social media mindset needs to treat social media as a method to communicate directly with your customers. Even five years ago, companies didn’t have the analytics and insights social media can provide. The algorithms have become more sophisticated and easier to understand.

But in order to really understand how social media can help your company you have to commit to it. Use this month’s posts as guides on deciding where to start your social media activities. Remember social media is not a ‘set it and forget it’ mechanism. It’s interactive and it changes constantly. Your social media mindset should reflect this.

What Do Your Customers Want

People consult social media to be inspired and learn about new things in a fun and easy to understand way. When they check out your social media presence or subscribe to your feed they don’t want to hear about how great your company is. They want to know about how you can help them.

Whichever channel you choose to start with for your social media presence it needs to be focused on the customer first. Many B2B companies understand this, but still aren’t sure about what to share. They post to their social media accounts when they have a new blog post or when they have announcements to make and not much more.

Instead, find shareable information that is relevant to your audience. Sharing new blog posts is fine, but don’t use a phrase like “Check out our new blog!” Let people know why the post will be relevant or useful to them.

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