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​In a few short weeks, ITB Berlin’s annual trade show will open for business from March 7-11, 2018. The event attracts 10,000 vendors and over 160,000 visitors each year. For one person, or even several from a small company, that’s a lot of people to try and meet! Kimberly Weitkamp; owner, marketing strategist and copywriter at Travel Industry Copy, will be in attendance.

With such a high approval rating: 88% for exhibitors and a whopping 92% business success for visitors, this is clearly an exciting business opportunity. With so many people to meet in a few short days, preparation is important. Kimberly Weitkamp shares a few tips on how to make the most of the experience.  

Raise Awareness

You know you’ll be attending, but do your vendors, customers and prospects? You don’t need to create a press release (in fact, I’d advise against it). Instead, make a mention in your regular communications.

If you send out a regular newsletter, you can end with a short message. “Excited to be attending ITB Berlin. Come look us up, say “Hi” and get all of your questions answered at Booth #ABC.” You’ll want to make an announcement as well, such as a news item in the letter.

Don’t forget about social media. Follow the event on Twitter and use the hashtag to let people know you’ll be attending. On LinkedIn, you can make an announcement on your page and share any content you find interesting from the event. Social media is a conversation, so you can also monitor and respond when people mention they’ll be going as well.

Do Your Research

Who is attending that you really want to connect with? What company? Do they have a new campaign going on? Make a list of the people you want to meet. Take to social media to see what they’re currently talking about. You can choose to follow them, which might build name recognition.

Do a few minutes of research a day on the people you want to meet and make note of what they’re talking about on social. Create a few options of discussion topics that can be applied to several companies. You now have conversation starters.

Set-up Meetings Early

Many conferences and trade shows now have apps, and ITB Berlin is no exception. One of the functions tends to be the ability to be matched with like-minded people. If you offer a technology solution and someone is looking for one, you’ll be matched.

Another option is to reach out through email. Let people know you’re interested in speaking with them and you’ll be at the show. See if you can set up a time to talk there. Of course, if this happens, do your research to have a meaningful conversation!

If your attendance is a last-minute decision, still set up your profile and give the option of being matched. If an appointment is cancelled or goes short, someone might come across your information.

A Powerful Profile

If you have the option of creating a profile about your company, make sure it’s direct and benefit-focused. It needs to be a headline for you and your company. “Tomorrow’s Solutions….Today” doesn’t tell the reader who you serve or what solution you offer. If your summary says: Helping Hotel Managers Save Time, the reader knows who you help and the type of solution you offer.

Even if you have limited time before the show, you can use these tips to prepare on-the-go. Social media research can be conducted in the airport, on the way to your hotel or before the event starts for the day. Attendee lists are often available beforehand, so during your travels you can consult your list to see if there is someone new you want to meet.

There’s nothing that can replace face-to-face meetings to build authority and trust quickly. Use these tips as a starting point to make the most of your next event.

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