Why Kimberly?

Hi, I’m Kimberly Weitkamp, and I’m a content marketer and B2B hospitality and tourism copywriter. I create content strategies for the needs of B2B hospitality and tourism companies.

Before I became a freelance copywriter, I traveled the world for 8 years. I worked in hospitality and tourism-based positions around the globe. This gives me a unique perspective on the needs of your company. I use my knowledge of the common problems travelers and the companies that serve them face to make your copy compelling and informative.

A global perspective helps me understand your B2B hospitality client

I lived and worked in such diverse places as Spain and China. I lived like a local, learned the language, and immersed myself in the culture. This time among different cultures brings a deep understanding of people, no matter where they are from, to your customer outreach program…

I have an ability to adapt quickly to new information and environments from my time abroad. I use my insight from working in the tourism and hospitality industry to better serve you. Anything I don’t know about your business, I quickly find out.

Experience as a travel writer

I’ve perfected my storytelling abilities while publishing travel articles on everything from boutique high tea experiences to teaching English abroad. I use this experience to craft a balance between compelling stories and informative content in your B2B hospitality marketing material.

What I’ll do for you…

• Craft compelling copy for your prospects
• Use industry knowledge and copy skills to make your company stand out
• Provide a professional working relationship to achieve your copy goals
• Fulfill a variety of copy needs
• …And much more!

Let me help you achieve your goals…

You want someone who knows your business to write about your business. I love to learn new things, and I love the tourism and hospitality industries. Let me use my passions to develop your web content strategy and increase your web visibility.

Contact me today to start crafting your content strategy!