Travelers are unique individuals. When they arrive at their destination they have a lot of worries. They might’ve had problems finding their hotel, they need to get rid of their luggage and the stresses of their daily lives are on their mind. They need to get rid of those worries quickly.

A B2B technology buyer is similar to traveler. They might’ve had issues finding the information they were looking for. They have a lot of problems weighing them down much like luggage. A buyer wants to get rid of their problems quickly so they can get back to running their company.

As a B2B technology marketer you want to help buyers solve their issues quickly and efficiently. They have immediate, small problems to solve. A traveler only wants to drop off their luggage, a B2B buyer is looking for a quick answer to their immediate problem.

A traveler takes in their destination one-stop at a time. A B2B buyer does the same. They may not be looking for a full-fledged technology solution yet, but they will remember the first companies to help them.

Travelers often return to a café they found on the first day of their trip. It’s the first place they found that gave them what they needed. They don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for a new place that might not be as good. If your company is the first to provide potential buyer with an answer, they are more likely to trust you for future technology needs or questions.

When you can solve their issue quickly and efficiently you immediately become important in their mind. Once the immediate issue has been solved you’ll become a go to resource for them.

If they have a question they’re going to do the simplest search possible to get the information they need. Today, that’s most likely asking a question of Google. They may not know what they’re looking for so they won’t necessarily know the technical term for their solution.

While you as a technology marketer might know what integrations, SQL, uptime and UTM means, your buyer might not. Any content you produce needs to be easy to understand. It also needs to be easily searchable.

A potential buyer may not ask Google, “How to accurately track big data analytics to increase customer list size?” Instead the question might be, “How can I automatically keep in touch with new customers”?

As a B2B technology company, you need to provide that answer quickly, efficiently and without a lot of obstacles. You do this through thought leadership or sample how to guides. Choose the medium that works best for you. Potential options include guest blogging, trade publications, a hosted blog or social media posts.

In the next post in this series we’ll discuss methods you can use to guide your B2B buyer further into the purchase path. After all, a traveler goes to several places on their trip before reaching their ‘ultimate destination’.

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